Go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations...  Matthew 28:18

The church at Siwell Road takes evangelism very seriously. Over 40% of our budget is spent spreading the gospel all over the world, as we have been commanded. Here are some of the mission works we are involved with here at Siwell Road. 


Local Evangelism  Foreign Evangelism  Short Term Mission Trips 

Moorehead Christian Student Center

UCSC at Mississippi State

Youth In-state Mission Trip

Berean Children's Home

World Bible School

Voice of Truth International

Ray Paseur in the South Pacific

West Indies

Honduras (Andy Dulaney)

Haiti ( Shannon Fuller)


Rocco Pierce in South Pacific

Honduran Preaching School

George Hall


World Evangelism

Louis Rushmore

Lithuanian Missions


Links to mission work taking place:

Berean Children's Home  World Bible School  Voice of Truth 

World Evangel

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