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Most of us have had moments like this in our lives where either we or one of our friends needed some help. We have all, at times, received some great help and have given great attention to our friends when they have had a need. But even with all of these things being true, there is a pattern developing among some Christians today. Less Christians are reaching out for help. 

The world we live in today can be a very cruel place at times. Weaknesses are exploited and used as ammunition to gain popularity or a higher position. Many people who have trusted in a friend or companion have found themselves hopelessly sitting by while they are ridiculed, passed over, and betrayed. Many people do not know who they can trust anymore. 

As Christians it is our responsibility to be the kind of people that others can trust. James 5:16 gives instruction to us all to confess our trespasses to one another. Here in this moment of personal weakness another Christian friend has an opportunity to listen and pray so that an erring Christian or someone that is struggling can receive the healing that they need. This is a moment for healing not for revenge or personal gain. As we as Christians show others around us that we are willing to listen and that we can be trusted, we help restore that bond of trust that should be between us all. 

We serve a loving God, a God that we can trust. May we all learn to love one another and be a friend that others can trust in a time of need.

Derek Broome

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